April 27, 2004

What in the Name of Thoth IS This Place?

Opened in June of 2003, BlogsOfRoleplay.com (BoRCom) is a free blogging aka journal community done in Movable Type, borne from a love of gaming, roleplay and creative thoughts. There are no hidden catches or necessary codes to start a BlogOfRoleplay and we intend to keep it that way.

Whether your game be a text based MU* or one of the big bad server games like SOCOM, or Everquest, BlogsOfRoleplay.com is the place for you. A place to bring a deeper sense of life to your character through blogging, as your character writes his or her own life story!

Write on your own or form open or closed communities for your clan, guild, sector or game; the limits are met only by your imagination!

So what are you waiting for? Gather up your clanmates, fellow soldiers, unit members, MUDders, Game owners or what have you and get to writing!

Begin the Journey! Create a BlogOfRoleplay!

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May 17, 2004

Weighing In On MT3


I've been holding off on posting this until Blogrolling was up and going again and now that they are, it's time to speak up. I've gotten a few concerned emails from bloggers so I'll address everyone to the best of my ability.

As you may or may not know, MT has released their latest version and it has been causing quite the eruption in the blogging community. Blogging has become the wave of the future, we see more and more companies switching their sites to blog formats for accessibility and as ping methods are improved the potential for linking together is insane. The actual website proper will become a thing of the past soon as the blog revolution continues to rage.

As good as this may be, there are also downfalls. Downfalls as the industry grows and demand grows, changing the rules of supply.

We have approximately 120 blogs on this site with approximately 150 authors, give or take a dozen. Every blog account also gets the free POP email without quotas. I have received one donation and one donation alone. I have made a commitment to the people who care enough to write here to keep this domain completely free of charge, hidden catch, nasty pop ups or other miscellaneous advertising. I eat the cost, I eat the bandwidth, I and I alone am the Elf Crew who built, pays for, maintains and adds to this domain.

The new MT pricing structure would put this domain currently at $5,000 a year to run with no new blogs. Not only are they limiting the number of authors and blogs, those who do not upgrade will no longer appear on their "recently updated list" even though that was originally earned by donating (which this domain has done). There was no advance warning of the massive changes, it came suddenly and surprisingly on May 13th.

To say I am disheartened and angry is an understatement. I am not looking to get something for free, I have legal licenses for much of the software I use in the server and have no problems at all paying. Yet it boggles my mind that a package such as CPanel (which is used to run domains. You rent webspace from a place and when you go to make your site, you hit CPanel) can offer a server-wide unlimited user license for the SAME PRICE as MT's 15 blog, 20 user limitation.

On a more personal level, I find it to be bad juju. Yes, they have EVERY right to be paid for their work and let's face it, MT is simply the best there is that I've run across but there is such a thing as too much. This pricing structure seems only to reflect the greed that hits when success hits. It happened to LiveJournal (which is why I chose MT instead of the LJ code) and now it's happening to Six Apart.

When I opened this site I made a promise to the people who were here that I would never change the foundation of the site. There would never be added charges, no matter how big or successful it became. I fully intend to keep this promise, I'm just not sure how at this point.

I've spent the past couple of days locked away from the world at my computer not speaking to anyone, researching other potential programs to replace MT. I've looked at Nucles, WordPress, TextPad, Drupal, Greymatter, PMachine/Expression Engine and one other whose name escapes me at this moment. They all seem to have good and bad points but I don't know enough of them to really form an educated opinion.

Your blogs are safe. There will be no sudden changes to this domain and if we do end up switching platforms, it will be I who sill take all the responsibility for moving each and every blog over to the new format. We will continue for the time being with the version of MT we are on.

I would seriously love to hear from any of you who have experience with some of the other programs, if you have working blogs with them that's even better. Please send me an email and let me know what you think of the platform, how it compares to MT and any other information you want to share.

It's a sombre day for BoRCom, I am taking this all on a personal level as this domain began as a labour of love and has grown pretty nicely with limited advertising. But I promise you, BlogsOfRoleplay.com WILL continue in one form or another and nothing will happen that should shock any of you.

I guess that's all I have to say on the matter.

Heatherlyn, the Muse behind Strega the Resident Muse.

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