May 22, 2004

RealPlay in Beta Stage!

Greetings, stragglers!

As this site has yet to open to the public, there is a definite lack of a pithy welcome message for the moment.

What is intended to be is the real-world companion to This will also be a completely free site as per MT licensing.

If you are interested in a Blog here, it's real simple. Click the gem to the right, fill out the quick form with as much or as little information as you wish and click submit. That's it!

There are no hidden catches or required codes, as long as you maintain an active BlogOfRoleplay, the RealPlay blog is yours.

However, we are not too proud to refuse donations from generous souls. In return for your kindness you will receive an adoption certificate for one of our retired wheel hamsters, a photograph and a letter twice a year. And some other pithy stuff you can find in the Charity Bloggery section.

So as we begin anew here and continue on the other site, welcome once again to friends old and new and creative thinkers throughout!

Blog on!