July 02, 2004

Lynn's and Dasana's Mud Marriage

It was my first mud marriage attendance in Hesperian. A most interesting affair indeed!

Homer was Lynn's witness. Tags was Dasana's witness. Amazing, Fozan, Calimari, Dernin and myself (Roofie) were present too. I hope I didn't missed out anyone present. Arminius was presiding over the event and was the immortal to hand-fast the couple.

White hankies came out and all present took the white hankies. It was a tear-jerking event of a couple's wedding day!

After the wedding was an interesting party of balloons and the feast and WINE! The brew was awesome and it didn't take me long to be RUNNING ON ALCOHOL muhahahahhaha.

Bumming around and stumbling was fun.

All in all, it was a pleasant and happy affair.

A toast to the newly married couple! :)

Roofie Roofs