What BlogsOfRoleplay.com really is is simple: We are a cheap ploy to get YOU to write. Plain and simple. We believe wholeheartedly in the power of the written word and it saddens us to see the lack of enthusiasm about writing that we see in Gamers.
Yet at the same time we would notice an attention given to a person's character in the Game. People who would use grammar that make the literate twitch would quickly and effortlessly switch into role-playing experts making use of flowery words and expressions and reinforcing the thought that people like to write about themselves, if nothing else.
We make it easy for you the blogger to sit down and let your thoughts control you. Your blog is created for you with a test entry to double check its status. There are templates for you to choose from to add a bit of individualised style to your blog. We offer help with anything from customising to entry posting and if we can't answer your question right away we will take the time to find the answer. We will soon have a complete and detailed FAQ with all the answers you could possibly need. We make it merely a matter of sitting down and deciding it's time to write and we intend to keep it that way.
BlogsOfRoleplay.com will not change its policy, ever. We have no intentions, no matter how far the site goes, of adding code requirements for blogs or limiting the amount of what we currently offer. As long as people want to write, we will continue to offer a free and friendly place for them to do just that.
BlogsOfRoleplay.com (affectionately nicknamed BoRCom) is limited only by what you the blogger want to stop at. We are open to all sorts of Gamers and Game genres, from MUDs to Ragnarok Online and SOCOM, anyone can find a use for a blog. The option to password protect your blog also adds an element of privacy, once again making it virtually painless for members to create a very personal reflection of their character or Game.
And that is what we are and what we are all about. Writing. Expanding the mind and taking it away from television or movies for even the briefest of moments. Invoking the thought process that goes into writing and the pride in a well done piece of work. Giving a more in-depth look at a character or Game as seen through the eyes of the player. Keeping it free and friendly and full of good juju. Keeping it real. Keeping it BoRCom.
Possible Uses for a BoRCom Blog:
  • Single character blog; one person's life and perspective.
  • Multiple character blog; assign as many authors as you want to post entries!
  • Clan, Guild, Group blog; public or private, this can be a great place to post news of or to your group, make a group website for the public or plan campaigns to be seen only by those with the password!
  • Owners/Admins blog; if you don't have a website for your Game or server, you can make one. Post news, updates, get feedback and comments, do it all!
  • School Project; Are you in a creative writing class? Talk to your teacher, you may find out you can use your blog for extra credit!
  • Records blog; keep a running list of your kills, ill gotten gains, areas, statistics, anything!
  • RP points system; offer RP points to players who blog on a regular basis, nothing wrong with a little bribery to get the RPing!
  • Write a novel; if you've ever dreamed of writing a novel, this is a perfect place to start it, store it and cultivate it.