June 30, 2004

Happy Anniversary, BoRCom!

Well hello, bloggers!

I have a bunch of stuff to go over as it's been too long since the last update but first I have to stand tall and shout HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, BLOGSOFROLEPLAY! It was exactly one year ago today that the first blog (the index page) went up and shortly after that people started appearing. One year and over 150 blogs and we are still free and without catch.

I'd like to thank everyone who's taken the time to post their own blog, read someone else's blog, tell a friend about us, tell their game about us, etc. I had people tell me I was nuts when I was obsessing about the site, no one would post, no one would read, no one would bother. One year later I feel pretty damn good about the way things have turned out and I really appreciate all the input and contributions.

That said, back to business.

Movable Type has come through in a big way for us, I am thrilled and pleased to announce that the site will be staying with MT and will be upgarding to MT 3. Not only did they revise their personal license price to allow for unlimited use, they gave the site a 50% discount on the cost, which is more than I could have hoped for for such an amazing product. I did extensive research on other types of blogging programs and the runner up in quality was double the amount of disk space which can be a problem.

So many thanks to the people at MT (especially Mie) who took the time to listen and respond and care. They really offer the best and I salute Shadow Siege and others who have chosen to use MT as their website platform. Thank you, MT.

I have been away from home since June 17th and will not be returning to home until July 16th. During the first week of my vacation at my parents I managed to get some nasty food poisoning which had me sleeping a lot. There were a few blog requests I think might have been delayed as much as 3 days in creation. For this I apologise deeply. I reiterate that I am the only one running and working on the site and alas, I am a mere mortal. A mere mortal who has yet to figure out a plug-in to make blogs create without my doing it.

I am also without my copy of Bannermaker and the Boomerang font I'm working with up here is different than the one at home. So until the 16th, the link graphics in the alphabetical lists are a bit different. That's ok, different is good. When I get home I'll fix that.

As of this posting, I have one blog that needs to be made, still under 24 hours but not the 10 I try to keep to. I may be a little slow between now and then but I will get them made and forgive me, I don't get away often.

So now what will happen is as soon as I get scrape up the dubloons needed for the upgrade and the install (I am far too much of a coward to attempt an upgrade like that with all these blogs myself), we will move to MT 3.0D. WOO! I hope this will be in the next two weeks or so.

This summer will see many changes to the site I won't list since I seem to never get them done on time but the FAQ and all active links off the index will be completed and the community aspect will pick up.

So that's a the scoop from the Resident Muse, join me in the one year anniversary dance and here's to year two!

Blog ON!

Strega, Resident Muse Alive and Well