Top 5 E-Sports games in 2018

There used to be a time, not that long ago, when it was impossible for E-Sports to exist. But with the advent of technology, it because possible for players of various competitive games to compete against one another on the internet. And hence the birth of the E-Sports. There are many popular games that compete in. Below you will get to read about some of the most popular E-Sports games for 2018.

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Many would say that the creators of the newer Call of Duty games are loathe of taking any risks.  They see a market opportunity and they grab it with the same-old formula. However, we can never argue with the fact that this formula has proven to be extremely successful. Call of Duty is known for some fun campaign levels – but the multiplayer is where it’s at. There are hundreds of thousands of players that compete on the Infinite Warfare multiplayer servers. It’s one of the most popular E-Sports games. The gameplay is very smooth and rewarding for the players that invest time and effort into mastering the skills.

  1. StarCraft II – Legacy of the Void

The original StarCraft was a revolutionary strategy game. StarCraft has managed to take things to the next level. Legacy of the Void is the final chapter of the StarCraft II saga – bringing the latest fixes and improvements in the multiplayer part. People say that RTS is a dying genre – but StarCraft II is here to correct them. There are many people that compete in StarCraft II E-Sports events. There are even scholarships that are given to talented students in South Korea for their skills in StarCraft II. This is a sure testament to the incredible popularity of StarCraft II as an E-Sports game.

  1. Defence of the Ancients 2 – DOTA 2

DOTA 2 took the world by storm. It strengthened and improved the multiplayer online battle arena genre in E-Sports. Now, if you want simple games – then DOTA 2 is not for you. The map and outlook of the game may look simple – but this is far from the case. There are thousands of details that you will need to pay attention to when you play. And this complexity intermixed with a high level of excitement is what makes this game so incredibly popular when it comes to E-Sports. There are many competitions and big prizes for the top players of DOTA 2.

  1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The name of Counter Strike needs no introduction. It’s one of the most popular games ever released and its fans are still going strong. There are many events in CS: GO where the top rated players in the world compete with one another. And the prizes are very big. It seems that the popularity of this game doesn’t let up. It will likely be very popular for the years to come, too.

  1. League of Legends

This is another multiplayer online battle arena game. And many people believe that it’s even better and more popular than DOTA 2. As such, it’s a very popular E-Sports game and many people play it. The principle of the game is very much alike that of DOTA 2. But still, there are some variances that make the game exciting and novel. And as such, it’s a very popular game.

In conclusion

There you have it – these were the most popular games in E-Sports for 2018. We hope that you will enjoy seeing some of them in action.

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